Content Services

Lapiz provides a wide variety of content services, which include the creation of SEO-compliant content, substantial rewriting, SEO-content writing, content development, online research, alt-text writing, and more.

SEO-Compliant Content

Have you ever been faced with the following problem: You own a piece of online content, however, it doesn’t appear high enough in the search rankings to provide any value to you? Don’t worry! Our team of SEO experts can make your content SEO-compliant, which will significantly improve its ranking (and its value) during online searches.

Substantial Rewriting

If your final manuscript requires significant (or substantial) editing or rewriting, our editorial team is well-equipped to provide this service for you.

SEO-Content Writing

Do you have an idea or topic that you would like to develop into online content? Our team of content developers is available to create unique, SEO-compliant content for you!

Content Development

Our content developers create original content that can be targeted toward academics, businesses, and publishers.

Research and Writing

Our research team conducts exhaustive research that enables them to create drafts for researchers, publishers, and businesses.

Online Research

Research associates provide thorough and comprehensive online searches and, in turn, are able to create databases that are targeted toward publishers, researchers, and academics.

Alt-Text Writing

Whether your content contains photos, charts, illustrations, or math equations, our writing team can create descriptive and accurate alt text.

Item Generation/Question Bank Development

Our content developers are available to create items and question banks that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Technical Writing

Our team of experienced technical writers can expertly prepare user’s manuals, technical manuals, project reports, software manuals, and many other types of technical documentation.