E-Learning Solutions

Our customized eLearning solutions keep the learner engaged and involved and also helps them to achieve their goals with dynamic, tailored, and self-paced content.

We design custom courseware using rapid-authoring tools such as Articulate-Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and also using technologies such as Flash, XML, HTML5. We build our eLearning programs aligning with the strategic objectives of the clients.

Our instructional designers and media developers are expertized in developing courses in responsive design for multi-device delivery, HTML5 conversion, and bite-size mLearning assets.

2D/3D Illustrations, Animations, Characters, Backgrounds

We encourage learners to engage with the content and learn at their own pace and in their own time by using visually rich 2D and 3D graphics, animations, characters, text and background. This way, we make the learning effective and enjoyable.

3D animations bring objects or processes to life in a way that 2D graphics cannot. Our 3D designers produce animations with high accuracy that can show situations that are hard to visualize in real life.

We enhance the storytelling and scenarios based learning by using professionally illustrated characters in the eLearning modules. These characters are used to demonstrate conversations and interactive scenarios that help learners emotionally connected to the content.

Courseware Development

Our courseware developers can help the education providers to transform their traditional courseware development practices to an AGILE, SME-driven practice. Our eLearning experts supplement the courseware with richer and interactive content, instructional design strategies and built-in adaptive engine that dynamically chart a learning path specific to learner’s skill levels. Our experience in working with some of the biggest publishers and educators has helped us develop a strong eLearning team with a pool of subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers, graphic designers and developers who are proficient in understanding your learning solution needs.


We develop simulations that help learners complete the given tasks safely and correctly. The tools and technology we use make it feasible to simulate true-to-life environments that are safe, non-threatening, and affordable. Our immersive simulations help learners practice and experience the real-time learning through a virtual work environment. Such simulated environment is one of the ways to minimize expenses.


Learners of this generation get bored easily when they are not presented with challenges, motivation, and a reason to learn. Apparently, their performance goes high when there is constant affirmation, rewards, and recognition for their efforts.

Knowing this fact, Lapiz effectively takes care of the demands of this new generation learners. With our game-based learning, we engage people, motivate action, promote learning by delivering all important competency, and help learners solve problems.

The ultimate goal of our games is to bring up the engagement score and motivating the learners intrinsically by providing personalized learning experiences based on learner preferences and usage patterns.

We also develop games for a platform that fits your organization’s needs. Such as SCORM packages or xAPI for your LMS, websites accessed in a browser, executable files for Windows or custom apps for iOS.


We offer QA and Testing services to perform detailed testing of the digital product. Our QC team creates test plan and handles functionality testing, content proofing, and report generation. Our testing lab is fully equipped with multiple devices, operating systems, and browser versions to provide you with the most comprehensive testing scenarios.

Our end-to-end application validation services cover the length and breadth of the industry, right from course testing and delivery services to resource management and administration activities.

We provide e-learning testing solutions for CMS and LMS. Our testing and QA experts inspect the process of implementation of the system and ensures that it corresponds to the agreed criteria. Early quality controls imply better productivity and safe bet for the development team and benefit the clients, who receive a high-quality product.

Mobile Learning

Our learning content strategy experts provide real-world experience on how to get down to the business of creating mobile learning. We lay out a strong case for content strategy through a framework according to the content types. These strategies help focusing on creating new solutions in order to increase learner’s performance in any kind of training process. Our Mobile Learning services are inherently agile as well as being screen friendly and on-point.