The audiobook industry continues to boom, according to the latest survey. Year-over-year, we can see a steady increase in the revenue from the audio books. Some of the most popular audio book genres are general fiction, science fiction, history, and thrillers.

Audiobook editing

When you send us a raw audio file, we will ensure that it is edited well to get positive reviews from your customers. Our editors listen to the audio for any issues or distractions that can be easily fixed, such as hiccups, noticeable breaths, unnecessary background noise, and mouth noise. We will listen to the pace of the audio and adjust it according to the industry standards. Our highly skilled editing staff know how to identify and fix even the subtle differences in the pause in the audiobooks.

Audiobook proofing

During the audiobook proofing process, our editors listen out the audio carefully and look out for any issues with pronunciation. If there are any mismatches with the manuscript – misspelled terms or missed out sentences – our proofreaders make a note of them and notify the client.

Audiobook mixing and mastering

In some of the audiobooks, more than one voice is required. In audio books with multiple audio files – each one from each narrator – Lapiz plays a substantial role in fixing them all right in the audio book. We perform perfectly on either inserting patch files or in mixing multiple layers and provide you with a final audiobook.

If you prefer to add some background music to your audio, we would suggest you various options before adding them to your audiobooks.

We will ensure audio volume consistency with the consistency of audio levels/frequencies for the best possible audio quality to complete the audiobook production.

Audiobook review/QC

When your audiobook is ready, Lapiz will assist you to perform a final review of the content. If you prefer that the technical part of the audiobook also to be checked for quality, then our technology team will be able to perform a technical quality checking on your audio books and send their  recommendations for your review.

Audiobooks with ebooks

If you are looking for ebooks along with your audio file, then we have plenty

of options for you to choose from:

  •      Freeflow ebooks
  •        Fixed flow ebooks
  •        Animated ebooks
  •         Enhanced ebooks

We will ensure that audio is controlled in each ebook page; we will edit
the master audio in such a way to match with every page or sync it with every

And if you are looking for an option for the user to record their own
voice, we program your books with an audio app!

Audiobook development

When you have a manuscript and interested in creating an audiobook, we will help you to choose from our pool of narrators – male or female or child – across different age groups/languages/accents to complete the audiobook production.

Overall, we will commit ourselves to prove an excellent experience for your audiobook users.