e-Learning Solutions

Our customized eLearning solutions both engage and captivate learners and help them to achieve their educational goals by immersing them in our dynamic, targeted, and self-paced content.

Lapiz designs custom courseware using rapid-authoring tools such as Articulate-Storyline, Captivate, and Lectora. We also employ technologies such as Flash, XML, and HTML5. Our goal when building eLearning solutions is to align the product with the strategic objectives of our clients.

Our instructional designers and media developers are experts in the development of courses that utilize responsive design for multi-device delivery, HTML5 conversion, and bite-size mLearning assets.

2D/3D Illustrations, Animations, Characters, and Backgrounds

Lapiz encourages learners to fully engage with the content at their own pace and on their own schedule in order to achieve mastery in their educational areas of interest. This is accomplished by utilizing visually rich 2D and 3D graphics, animations, characters, text, and backgrounds to ensure learning that is simultaneously effective and enjoyable.

3D animations bring objects and processes to life in a way that 2D graphics cannot. Our team of expert 3D designers develop animations that are highly accurate and offer the unique ability to demonstrate abstract examples and concepts that are difficult to visualize in real life.

Lapiz offers enhanced storytelling and scenario-based learning by leveraging professionally illustrated characters in our eLearning modules. These characters are used to demonstrate conversations and interactive scenarios that help learners to emotionally connect with the content.

Courseware Development

Our courseware developers assist education providers to transform their traditional courseware development practices to an AGILE, SME-driven process. Our eLearning experts supplement the courseware with rich, interactive content, instructional design strategies, and a built-in adaptive engine that dynamically charts a learning path specific to a learner’s skill level. Our experience working with some of the largest publishers and educators worldwide has enabled us to develop a strong eLearning team with direct access to a pool of subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers, graphic designers, and developers who are adept at understanding your needs and requirements and ensure their application during the design of the learning solution.


We develop simulations that help learners complete their assigned tasks safely and correctly. The tools and technology we use make it feasible to simulate true-to-life environments that are safe, non-threatening, and cost-effective. Our immersive simulations enable learners to practice and experience real-time learning within a virtual work environment. Such simulated environments represent one of the ways that can help to minimize expenses.


Learners of this generation can get bored easily when they are not presented with challenges, motivation, and compelling reasons to learn. It is often observed that their performance significantly improves when they experience consistent affirmation, rewards, and recognition for their efforts.

By effectively applying this knowledge, Lapiz is able to meet the demands of this new generation of learners. With our game-based learning, we engage people, motivate action, promote educational competency, and develop a learner’s problem-solving skills.

The ultimate goal of our games is to increase engagement and motivate learners by providing a personalized learning experience that is based on a learner’s preferences and usage patterns.

Lapiz also develops games for platforms that fit your organization’s needs, such as SCORM packages or xAPI for your LMS, websites that are accessed in a browser, executable files for Windows, or custom apps for iOS.


We offer extensive QA and Testing services of your digital product. Our QC team first creates a test plan and then manages the functionality testing, content proofing, and report generation. Our testing lab is fully equipped with multiple devices, operating systems, and browser versions in order to provide you with the most comprehensive testing scenarios.

Our end-to-end application validation services cover the length and breadth of the industry, from course testing and delivery services to resource management and administration activities.

We provide eLearning testing solutions for both CMS and LMS. Our testing and QA experts inspect the implementation process of the system and ensure that it corresponds to the mutually agreed criteria. Early QA ensures increased productivity and a more efficient process, which results in an end-product of the highest quality.

Mobile Learning

Our learning content strategy experts possess real-world experience in the creation of mobile learning solutions. We present a strong case for content strategy through a framework according to the various content types. These strategies enable us to focus on the development of new solutions in order to improve a learner’s performance within various training environments. Our Mobile Learning services are inherently agile as well as screen friendly and accurate.