With the effective blend of leadership and people, as well as a passion for excellence,
we provide our clients with superior service in both the healthcare and publishing industries.  

Lapiz is India’s leading global provider of best-in-class publishing services.
Lapiz excels at creating customized, dynamic, and self-paced eLearning solutions.
Lapiz delivers healthcare services that maximize revenue and improve cash flow.
The expert team at Lapiz provides a robust array of content/authoring services.
Lapiz Digital Services offers end-to-end ecommerce solutions to a variety of businesses, ranging from small and medium to large companies. 
Lapiz offers a comprehensive range of innovative and cost-effective software solutions.


Epitomizing ethics and values in the workplace

Trust & Transparency

Demonstrating an open and honest approach promotes trust with our clients


Committed to delivering services that consistently exceed expectations

Innovation & Development

Developing innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of our customers


Constantly striving to produce exceptional results


An update to our clients

In this unfortunate hour where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the world to a standstill, at Lapiz Digital Services, we ensure business continuity is maintained and remain fully operational to deliver business value to our clients.