Publishing Services

Lapiz Digital publishing Services provides expert content services and complete and customized end-to-end solutions for various publishing segments through the work of our highly skilled professionals and innovative technology. We offer comprehensive project-management services for trade, academic, and non-academic books and journals. Lapiz publishing services manages all phases of the pre-press production process for books and journals, from raw manuscript through to the final product for both print and digital versions.

Project Management

Project Management

Our professional project managers are expert at seamlessly integrating and overseeing the end-to-end requirements of our clients. They are highly experienced in their respective domains and associated services and are laser-focused on client satisfaction. Our project managers are also thoroughly trained to execute effective strategies to manage any critical situation that may arise. They are skilled mediators and negotiators who bridge the communication between the client and our internal operations team. Our project managers are flexible in regard to their availability and modes of communication, which serves to lower inherent (or perceived) barriers in both cultural and time zone differences.

Composition and Typesetting

XML First: Our XML-first workflow ensures the integrity of the content throughout the process. In the ever-changing digital content landscape, we fully understand and embrace the advantages of an XML-first production workflow, especially in terms of its flexibility, reusability, and automation. The ability to create multiple publication formats and outputs for use on different devices from a single source file is invaluable to our client’s long-term success.

InDesign & LaTeX: We provide end-to-end page composition services for both books as well as STM journals. The complexity of our page composition ability ranges from simple text pages to those containing complex mathematical equations; single-column to multi-column layouts; and single-colored to multi-colored presentation. Lapiz Digital Publishing Services consistently produces high-quality output by utilizing composition software that includes LaTeX, InDesign, and QuarkXPress.

Indexing: Lapiz publishing services specializes in the creation of comprehensive and accurate indexes that meet your specifications and are delivered on schedule. Ranging from documents to multi-volume publications, we provide well-crafted indexes for books on a wide-range of subjects and are particularly adept at incorporating author style, structure, and the formatting of cross-references. Lapiz is also able to provide page-locating services for authors who submit a document containing a list of their desired index words.

Journal and STM Publishing

Lapiz publishing services has extensive expertise in the management of STM, non-STM, and academic journals. We possess a rich depth of experience in the single-source, multiple output publishing workflows that enables efficient multi-channel publishing, which includes POD, Smart PDF, eBooks, electronic deliverables, etc. Our end-to-end technology solutions enable publishers to maximize the value of their content.

Specific style and language requirements for each journal are meticulously captured and maintained in a separate tool—the Lapiz Style Management System (LSMS)—which is seamlessly integrated into our various innovative products such as our XML-driven copyediting tool, auto edit, auto reference structuring, and auto pagination, all of which combine to ensure both quality and efficiency. The Lapiz Journal Workflow tool is capable of automatically generating the volume's TOC and Index (Author and Keyword) directly from the database.

Lapiz publishing services maintains a specialized full-service journal process that consists of the following services, irrespective of the software: More..

Graphic Design and Image Services

Lapiz Digital offers professional graphic design resources to manage all aspects of a publisher’s design and production needs.

Lapiz Digital maintains a team of expert designers who are proficient in the conversion of pencil sketches into professionally rendered images. In addition, we have the ability to create rough sketches and drawings, as well as scanned images. Our experienced graphic designers are able to render graphs and charts, conceptual illustrations, anatomical drawings, complex medical images, chemical structures, and engineering diagrams.

Image Editing and Enhancement: Lapiz Digital offers a full-range of graphics and multimedia services, which serve to add value and results in a high-degree of customer satisfaction. Our creative techniques offer the ability to transform common photographs into eye-catching graphics. More..

Editorial Services

Our Editors

Lapiz provides quality editing and editorial proofreading (EPR) for the publishing industry. We work tirelessly to uphold this reputation by maintaining a friendly customer service team that assists our clients to address any technical or service issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Lapiz has developed a robust network of highly skilled editors, which includes individuals working in India, the UK, and the USA. All of our editors have over 10 years of experience in STM books and journals and possess high-quality language editing skills. Our editors are well-versed in a variety of style guides, including, but not limited to, APA, CMS, AMA, and Harvard styles. The editors at Lapiz are highly educated (holding either master’s or doctorate degrees) with experience in a variety of subject areas and disciplines.

Our Clients

We partner with publishers (books and journals), as well as scientific and academic societies to assist with the production of high-quality research and to help our clients achieve their scientific communication goals. Our dedicated team of editors, quality assurance specialists, and customer service representatives support our clients and help them to achieve success in their writing endeavors.


Our editorial team is well-versed in both British and American English. Lapiz copyediting team is experienced in publisher-specific styles as well as several publication formats, including monographs, textbooks, professional titles, major reference works, and journals. More..

Editorial Proofreading

At Lapiz, we're proud of our experienced editorial team and their capabilities. Our proofreaders possess excellent English-language skills and they employ a systematic strategy to help them to identify and correct errors. Professional proofreading is performed by specialists who are trained in specific composition processes and publication styles, based on subject matter and format. The proofreader reviews the editorial brief, style sheet, typesetting specs, and any unique instructions for the title prior to checking the proofs. The review process also involves a thorough analysis of the different elements that appear in a layout (such as headings, paragraphs, illustrations, and colors) for their correct dimensions, placement, type, style, etc. The proofreader then confirms that both the technical and style specifications have been accurately applied to the proofs and reads the pages thoroughly to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the content, as well as the consistency of style. More..

Types of Documents

We have the ability to edit every type of document, including, but not limited to:

  •   Research Papers
  •   Journal Articles
  •   Reference Books
  •   Fiction/Non-Fiction Books
  •   Book Chapters
  •   Essays
  •   Proposals
  •   Theses
  •   Dissertations
  •   Case Studies

LEVEL 1—Simple: Light Proofread/Copyediting

Level 1 provides proofreading for typographical errors, spelling, and punctuation.

This service is appropriate for content that is already polished but requires a final, thorough review.

Our Level 1 service includes the review of: More..

LEVEL 2—Medium: Copyediting or Line Editing

Our Level 2 service includes all Level 1 tasks plus editing for grammar, sentence structure, and word choice. This service is appropriate for content that may require heavier revisions than would be rendered with standard copyediting/proofreading.

The Level 2 service also ensures the accuracy and consistency of the following: More..

LEVEL 3—Heavy: Substantive/Content Editing

Our Level 3 service includes all Level 1 and Level 2 tasks plus in-depth copyediting that ensures consistency of tone, the logical flow of ideas, emphasis, and dialogue, as well as other structural revisions as needed.

The goal of substantive editing is to ensure that the client's content is clearly written and well-organized. In addition to the services provided in a light and medium copyediting, the Level 3 service provides heavy content editing, and the Lapiz editors may offer suggestions for rewriting (although we will not perform a significant amount of rewriting ourselves. See below for more specific information related to the scope of service). We often identify these types of inconsistencies during a medium copyediting, but unless the client asks Lapiz to perform a substantive edit, we may not focus on the following: More..

Text Reduction Services

Is your book too lengthy? Do you wish to retain the content while organizing it to include the necessary artwork, images, infographics, and graphs? Our team of experts is able to review your content and condense and recreate your books and articles.

Digital Transformation

Lapiz Digital specializes in transforming books, academic content, journals, documents, and manuscripts into easy-to-access ePublishing formats such as ePub, ePub3, fixed-layout eBooks with audio syncing, web-ready eBooks, as well as XML formats such as PubMed—including XML tagging and metadata attributes. Lapiz has a highly skilled team with extensive experience in managing very complex projects that contain equations, tables, chemical formulae, etc. The team also possesses extensive foreign language capabilities and can produce eBooks in 80+ languages, including European and Indic.

eBook Solutions

Reflowable eBooks: Lapiz offers conversion services for eBooks from PDF format, normal paperback, word document, or any text format into widely used eBook formats such as ePub 3.1, ePub 2.0, Kindle, Nook, etc. Lapiz can also convert into proprietary formats depending on the publisher’s requirements.

Fixed Layout eBooks: Lapiz offers high-quality, fixed-layout ePub conversion services. This highly attractive, instructive, and interactive option is best suited for business guides, academic publications, learning materials, travel guides, restaurant guides, cookbooks, and children’s books.

Interactive and Animated eBooks: Lapiz has extensive experience in creating a wide variety of digital interactive eBooks for an immersive reading experience.

We are able to convert print and digital titles into interactive eBooks by including multimedia content, such as audio and video files, 2D and 3D animations, cross-references, footnotes, annotations, etc. that are compatible with all major devices.

Accessibility and 508 Compliance:

The experts at Lapiz digital can manage projects in any discipline—legal, medical, scientific, linguistics, etc., and also in any format—PDF, HTML, XML, and MS-Word. We offer the following:

  •  Tagging of text/non-text, tables, forms, and images, to ensure the link to Assistive Technologies
  •  Preparing alt-tag/alt-text—both short and long descriptions for images and non-text elements

HTML5 Development

  •   Animations & slide shows
  •   Web page creation
  •   Creation of interactive activities, stories, games, and puzzles
  •   Conversion of existing websites to be HTML5-compliant
  •   Flash to HTML5 conversion
  •   HTML5 widget creation
  •   CS6 to HTML5 conversion

Flash to HTML5: HTML5 has become the most widely accepted format for sharing content because of its innate cross-platform ability and blended multimedia support. HTML5 supports a variety of enriching and impressive reading experiences while enabling access for a wide-range of hand-held devices such as eReaders, tablets, and smart phones.

Digital Product Development [Interactive Whiteboard]

We develop high-quality interactive whiteboard lessons (Flipcharts and Notebooks) for all grade levels. Students will be engaged with the interactive content and it is one of the best ways for teachers to keep students interested during class.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions (Flipcharts and Notebooks):

  •   Storyboard development
  •   Template creation
  •   Prototype development
  •   Lesson and activity page creation from simple to very complex enhanced pages
  •   Math tool development
  •   Illustration services — graphs, charts, diagrams, and creative art
  •   Legacy conversion — active studio files to flipcharts and notebooks

DocBook Conversion: Lapiz publishing services offers substantial expertise in DocBook XML elements such as book, chapter, and article. Content including paragraphs, lists, tables, inline-code, and tiles can be added. We are able to create reusable documentation that can be distributed in formats such as PDF, HTML, etc.

PubMed Conversion: Lapiz publishing services offers PubMed-compliant XML format conversion of books, documents, and journals from PDF, MS Word, Text Files, or any other electronic formats to XML