S1000D XML Conversion Services

Does your company work with components or equipment in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry? Adhering to S1000D standards moving forward, it is the best way to manage your technical publications.

We offer a comprehensive solution for legacy documents by converting them to the S1000D XML format, facilitating the creation, management, and maintenance of technical publications effortlessly. The CSDB enables seamless data exchange between manufacturers, suppliers, and operators. Publication outputs can be delivered in PDF, web, IETP, or any combination of formats to meet specific project requirements.

S1000D Standard

S1000D is an international standard for creating, storing, managing, and delivering technical publications data within the civilian and Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry. The building blocks of an S1000D publication are known as Data Modules. These modules control and contain text, illustrations, tables, charts, multimedia, and more. The same data can be reused across various technical documents. Data module XML files are stored in a Common Source Database (CSDB), and the output is published as Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs).

S1000D XML Conversion Process

Our specialized software converts legacy documents in any format to the S1000D XML format. During the conversion process, we can identify and tag the following elements of the document: Titles, Graphics, Charts, Tables, Hyperlinks. After conversion, the document undergoes proofreading to ensure it is error-free. Based on customer requirements, larger volumes of data can be broken down into smaller Data Modules. Throughout the entire process, we ensure your data confidentiality is maintained.


S1000D XML Conversion Benefits

  • Your product will achieve international acceptance as the S1000D standard is now globally recognized.
  • Content can be reused, reducing both the time required and the likelihood of errors.
  • The use of CSDB makes data management easier.
    Reduces both maintenance and publishing costs.
  • Utilizing ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) ensures the document is easily understood by the end user.
  • The standard format allows for effortless future modifications.

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