Real Estate Services

Our Real estate service has provided commendable clarifications to our clients and has built long-lasting relationships.

Lapiz digital services with our expert team also provide the best RE services in the industry. We do lease abstraction services, validation, and translation services. Our service has provided commendable clarifications to our clients and has built long-lasting relationships.

Lease Services

Lease Abstraction

We offer comprehensive lease abstraction services, including abstracting key financial, business, and legal data from real estate leases across various property types and languages, and providing lease validation, data migration, and ongoing management.

Lease Administration

We manage tenant moves, update gross sales, track critical dates, handle COI expiration, manage security deposits, and facilitate tenant correspondence for lease obligations.

CAM Reconcilation

We manage database setup for tenants and properties, analyze and reconcile property data, and create CAM reconciliations spreadsheets to capture discrepancies from previous year’s data and lease documents.

CAM Audit Services

We carefully evaluate tenant CAM charges, following best practices to ensure fairness as per the contract. Our experts meticulously review invoices against leases to prevent overcharges, duplication, or accounting errors.

Forecasting And Budgeting​

We help extract details such as promissory notes and deeds of trust from legal documents. Additionally, we assist in identifying valid opportunities and avoiding second-tier investments.

Property Accounting​

Accounts Receivable

We handle accounting methods (cash/accruals), create charges manually or through utility billback, manage cash receipts including ACH, apply prepays to charges, bill late fees for overdue tenants, and oversee monthly commercial billing and month-end close.

Accounts Payable

We handle vendor setup, invoice processing, and vendor COI updates, ensuring efficient payables input and vendor COI maintenance.

General Ledger

We validate journal entries for miscodes, adjust accounting as needed, and track missing transactions in the general ledger for accuracy.

Bank Reconciliation

We reconcile the company’s bank statement with the general ledger cash account, adjusting for outstanding checks and bank errors. Journal entries are prepared accordingly for this reconciliation process.

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