CAM Audit Services

Lapiz’s Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Audit Services ensure you pay a fair price for common area maintenance, identify errors, avoid overcharges, and foster a healthy tenant-landlord relationship.

CAM audit services are crucial for identifying errors and ensuring you pay a fair amount based on your pro-rata share. We provide tailored services to both landlords and tenants, promoting transparency and professionalism in allocating common area maintenance costs.

CAM audit for tenants

Representing tenants, we ensure audit rights, verify CAM charges, address and resolve errors, and negotiate.

CAM audit for landlords

Representing landlords, we maintain detailed records, ensure accurate allocation, and resolve disputes.

Expenditure Verification

We meticulously review property management company invoices and expenses to ensure they align with the terms outlined in lease agreements.

Lease Compliance Verification

We assess lease agreements to confirm that CAM charges are consistent with the terms stipulated in the contracts.

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