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Lapiz excels in RCM for precision, efficiency, and revenue enhancement

Lapiz is your trusted partner for comprehensive healthcare services, we specialize in Revenue Cycle Management. Focused on maximizing revenue and improving cash flow, our end-to-end solutions encompass precise patient demographics, charge entry, payment posting, medical coding, A/R follow-up, and eligibility verification. Supported by a team of certified professionals across diverse specialties, we ensure accuracy and efficiency. Committed to reducing claim denials and enhancing revenue, our proven track record includes over 200 million clean claims, generating 1,200 million in client revenue, solidifying our position as a leader in healthcare in Revenue Cycle Management.

Patient Demographics and Charge Entry

We ensure precise patient demographic and charge entry for improved cash flow, with thorough verification of insurance and demographic data before updating billing software. Our expert team specializes in flawless CPT, ICD-10, modifiers, payer, and state rule data entry services.

Payment Posting

We have skilled cash posting specialists who are familiar with various EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and ERA’s (Electronic remittance Advice) from ALL PAYERS filing manual and electronic payments. The team also prepares the write-offs, revisions, and secondary document claims.

Medical Coding​

We as a leading Revenue Cycle Management company in India, prioritizes accurate medical coding to minimize denials and maximize revenue, employing AAPC and AHIMA certified coders committed to the highest standards and compliance, ensuring client satisfaction through meticulous documentation and error prevention.

A/R Follow-Up

We specialize in providing software solutions for streamlined accounts receivable management in medical practices, enhancing our ability to optimize follow-ups with various insurance types and maximize revenue for healthcare providers.

Eligibility & Benefits​

Accurate eligibility verification is critical for RCM. Over half of claim denials stem from patient access issues, such as incomplete eligibility details, leading to reduced reimbursements and increased write-offs. We prioritize meticulous verification to tackle these challenges effectively.

Census Validation​

We manage patient tracking, consult notifications, and hand-offs using Practice Management Software for accurate census data. We offer daily comparisons, charge reconciliation, manual census, 24-hour and real-time hospital census, patient listing reports with ADT details, and a final midnight census report.

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