Audiobook Editing and Proofing Services

The audiobook industry continues to boom, according to the latest survey. Year-over-year, we can see a steady increase in the revenue from the audio books. Lapiz plays a substantial role in overall development of audio book.

What Lapiz provides?

  • Audiobook editing services
  • Audiobook proofing services
  • Audiobook mixing and mastering
  • Audiobook review/QC
  • Audiobooks with ebooks
  • Audiobook development

    Audiobook editing

    If a raw audio recording is submitted to us, we’ll make sure it’s properly edited so that consumers will give it good ratings. Our editors listen to the audio to check for any problems or annoyances that can be quickly corrected, such as hiccups, audible breaths, unneeded background noise, and mouth sounds.

    Audiobook proofing

    During the audiobook proofing process, our editors listen out the audio carefully and look out for any issues with pronunciation. If there are any mismatches with the manuscript – misspelled terms or missed out sentences – our proofreaders make a note of them and notify the client.

    Audiobook mixing and mastering

    In some of the audiobooks, more than one voice is required. In audio books with multiple audio files – each one from each narrator – Lapiz plays a substantial role in fixing them all right in the audio book. We perform perfectly on either inserting patch files or in mixing multiple layers and provide you with a final audiobook.

    For the highest possible audio quality to finish the audiobook production, we will guarantee audio volume consistency along with the consistency of audio levels/frequencies.

    Audiobook review QC

    When an audiobook is completed, Lapiz will help conduct a content review. Our technology team may undertake a technical quality check on the audiobooks and provide recommendations for consideration if it is necessary to evaluate the technical aspect of the audiobook as well.

    Audiobooks with ebooks

    If the expectation is for ebooks along with audio files, then we have plenty of options:

    1. Free flow ebooks
    2. Fixed flow ebooks
    3. Animated ebooks
    4. Enhanced ebooks

    We program the books with an audio app if the customer wants to have the opportunity to record their own voice.

    Audiobook development

    When there is a manuscript and if there is someoneinterested in producing an audiobook, we can assist in selecting a narrator from our pool of male, female, and child narrators that represent a variety of age groups, languages, and accents.

    Overall, we pledge to provide users of your audiobooks with a first-rate experience.

Audiobooks with ebook
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