Do You Need Help Publishing Your Journal Article

Every author would like to see his/her article published in a renowned journal; however, this is not an easy task, especially for those inexperienced in the process.

Journal publishing is a time-intensive and meticulous task, and journal publishers around the world set high standards when deciding whether to publish an author’s research article. As a first-time author, both the publisher’s strict guidelines regarding quality as well as the complicated journal publishing process can feel daunting.

At Lapiz, we are here to guide and assist you through each step of the publishing process, making it as smooth and seamless as possible.

Types of Journal Articles

Types of research articles:

Review papers

Full research articles


Brief communications

Where to Publish:

Choosing the right journal also makes it easier to target the correct audience.

It is often best to decide on the specific journal you want to target even before you begin writing, and formatting, style, and referencing guidelines will likely vary from journal to journal.

Consider the following:

  • Journal that matches the level, topic, and scope.
  • Journal’s editorial board has reputable members in the field.
  • Journal is well-known in its particular field.
  • Ensure that your institution doesn’t have rules against publishing in certain journals.
  • Your submission should satisfy all of the guidelines specified by the journal.

Tools to Help Publish your article:

  1. Edanz Journal Selector (Beta)
  2. Elsevier Journal Finder
  3. JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer (Beta)
  4. Springer Journal Selector (Beta)
  5. Directory of Nursing Journals
  6. PubMed PubReMiner
  7. Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE)

Submission Process and Criteria:

An article should be submitted to only ONE journal at a time. Almost all journals will ask you to submit a declaration stating that your article is not under review anywhere else. It is important that you don’t violate any of the journal submission guidelines required by the journal publisher.

Once you submit your article, the time-consuming process of peer review begins. After the completion of the peer review, the journal will send you a formal letter in regard to its decision about whether or not to publish your article.

If the article is rejected, be sure that you capture any comments for improvement that are suggested by the reviewer. Remember, you will need to update the style and formatting of your article in order to meet the criteria of the new journal.

You can edit and format your article on your own, or you may request assistance from the professional academic editors at Lapiz.

Do You Need Help Publishing Your Journal Article
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