Developing Your Journal Content

  • Developing good journal content can be relatively easy and straightforward if you follow the proper steps.
  • All you need to do is write a clear, structured, factually correct, and brief report on your chosen topic or research study. 
  • One note to remember is that the most valuable content is original content.

First Steps First

  1. An essential step in developing good journal content is to do a lot of reading on the subject. Reading previously published literature could form the basis for writing a solid journal article.

For some people, reading journal-related literature can feel tedious and time-consuming.

  1. One component you cannot ignore in any type of writing is the structure of your article. Our journal article needs to make a precise point and address a specific question.
  2. Using an appropriate number of keywords also contributes to the development of successful journal content. You can include approximately six to eight keywords in the text following the abstract.

Plagiarism-free Content

Avoiding plagiarism is another vital component of developing good journal content. Sometimes, plagiarism happens when you skip the step of reading previously published literature.

Important points about plagiarism

  • Publishers are well equipped with tools to detect plagiarism, and the consequences of plagiarism can affect your credibility forever.
  • Usually, a well-written journal article goes through multiple drafts before it is submitted for final publication.
  • Write a quick outline of your first draft.
  • In the second draft, concentrate on the flow and logic of your writing by moving around paragraphs within the article.
  • In the next draft, make every effort to enhance the readability of the article, which could involve editing as well.
  • The final draft should be detailed, with a focus on the core subject and proofreading.

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Developing Your Journal Content
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